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  T.L. Burton Spring 2014 class meets MW @ 8:30 in EE 117
  329 Knoy Hall  
Office Hrs: As posted  


CGT 101 is an introduction to the Department and the diversity of disciplines and practices of its graduates. The course is focused on providing students with opportunities to acquire knowledge relative to making informed decisions about CGT and their path to becoming practicing professionals. Academic, career and personal development success strategies, including lifelong learning skills and professional ethics are explored. Assignments and projects intend to be multidisciplinary in nature to provide a base for recognizing individual opportunities within the Department, University and profession.

Students will demonstrate the following behaviors as a result of content and activities in CGT 101. 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
1- demonstrate comprehension of the basic principles of CGT.
2- engage practicing professionals, current students, faculty, counselors and alumni to discover opportunities within the department, college and university to develop and validate a CGT plan of study.
3- identify and utilize basic strategies for team building, planing, investigation and presentation.
4- identify and utilize opportunities to participate in activities focused on critical thinking, teamwork, project management, potential social impact, ethics and communication.
5- evaluate current technical skill level and demonstrate investigation into or competent entry skill in a CGT area of interest.

Class Preparation: Students will come to class prepared.

Assignments: All assignments must be submitted on the due date. Late assignments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED !

Final Exam: As per University policy, there will/may be a comprehensive final exam given during finals week. If given, the exam will constitute 25% of the semester grade

Grade Computation: Semester grades will be based on a percentage average of all assignments.

Each assignment, exam or quiz will be weighted relative to its importance in reaching course objectives.

Course grades are assigned according to the following scale.

% grade
(100 -92.5 = A) (92.4-89.5=A-)
( 89.4-87.5=B+) (87.4-83.5=B) (83.4-79.5=B-)
(79.4-77.5=C+) (77.4-73.5=C) (73.4-69.5 = C-)
(69.4- 67.5 = D+) (67.4-63.5=D) (63.4-60=D-)

CGT majors are required to achieve a C- or better in this course.

Attendance Policy:
Attendance is required. The class meets three (2) hours each week (1 hour of lecture 2 times per week) for the duration of the semester. Students are expected to be present at every scheduled class meeting.  Absences will result in a student's grade being reduced by 2 %  per hour of lecture that is missed. However, in the event of a major campus emergency, course requirements, deadlines and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other circumstancesbeyond the instructor’s control. Please go to the course schedule web page,, and office phone: 494-7313 to monitor changes.

For concerns about intellectual property (IP), including IP resulting from student participation in course assignments, see Purdue University’s Policy VIII.4.1, Intellectual Property.

Text and Materials: tbd